Rules of Conduct for the NZ Motorhome Forum


This forum is intended for the use and enjoyment of all users (or intended users) of campervans, motorhomes, caravans, 5th wheelers or other similar vehicles. Everyone, whether they be full-timers, part-timers or only some-timers, is equally welcome to join this community.

The over-riding consideration in the conduct of the forum is respect for the other members of the forum.

Individual Privacy.

We respect your privacy and so declare that your personal information, recorded on the forum, will never be divulged to any other party.


This forum is moderated: the aim of the moderation is to ensure that the majority of members continue to find it a productive, enjoyable and friendly place to exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge, tips, advice and humour. On occasion the promotion of this aim may require an individual to modify their behavior, for the greater good - consequently there is no absolute right to freedom of expression while you are using the forum. The moderators of the forum are the sole arbiters of this and no discussions will be held. At times, a post or thread may be hidden from public view while Moderators discuss its content. These discussions may result in the content being returned in a full or modified form or permanently deleted.

Code of Conduct.

The following content will be removed or edited without delay or explanation. Repeat offenders will be removed from the forum:

Off-topic posts:

Please stay on topic. Do not take over someone else’s thread with your own change of subject.

One Thread - One Subject:

Please avoid posting two diverse questions in the one post: you will either end up with one of them being ignored or (worse) there will be two topics mixed up in one thread making it confusing to follow.


Be aware that the moderators may delete quotes that they consider excessive. As a guide, use quotes only when necessary to draw attention either to an earlier (not the previous) post in the thread or to a specific part of a prior post.

TXT language:

This is a free forum where the length of posts is not limited, so there is no reason to abbreviate your posts into txt language. Please show respect to other members by using proper language.

Travel and Build Stories:

We have made available two sub-forums for members to record their Travel Stories (under Touring) and Build Stories (under Technical).

We hope that posts to these forums will serve to entertain as well as inform. We want to avoid “Got up – had breakfast - went to the dump station – traveled further on down the coast” type threads.

One member: one thread – multiple posts.

The use of a few well chosen images can make a story more interesting but please use them sparingly.

The forum is happy to list links to members' blog or gallery sites so that others, who wish to, may view them.

Commercial interests:

(These rules apply whether you have taken a paid ad on the forum or not)


You may not use the forum or Private Messages to advertise for fund-raising purposes or to solicit for donations, not matter how worthy the cause.

Before Posting.

Many topics have already been raised and discussed on the forum. It may be the case that your specific question has not been covered, but the forum will appreciate it if you use the forum “Search” to check before posting your question. You may find that it makes more sense to post your question in a reply to an earlier thread, rather than starting a new one.


Please be aware that the administration team are just motorhomers and caravanners like yourselves. They are volunteering their time to this forum to try to ensure that you can enjoy and benefit from your membership of the community. They do not want to be engaged in constantly sorting out difficult individuals.

Please respect their efforts and don’t make moderation an onerous chore.

I am determined that the moderators will be protected, and I will remove members who seek to make their task difficult by regularly pushing the boundaries.


The views, information and advice expressed on this forum are those of the contributors. The NZ Motorhome and Caravan Forum cannot verify whether any person making a statement is qualified to do so, and therefore cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any such statements. Any action taken on information gleaned from this forum is therefore the responsibility of the individual concerned. If you are in any doubt, you should consult a suitably qualified professional before acting.

By using this forum you acknowledge that you have read and fully understood the disclaimer and that you agree to abide by these Rules of Conduct at all times.

For those of you who have read this far without finding anything that causes you concern: Welcome to the NZ Motorhome and Caravan Forum. I hope you will join us for a long, enjoyable and mutually beneficial time together.

Mark Howard